St Bede’s College


Project Details

St Bede’s College began in 1938 as a Catholic secondary school founded within the Lasallian tradition. It has since become a well-known, loved and iconic place, perched over the waters of Port Phillip Bay. It has always been a place of welcome for bayside boys and their families. The current population is around 1540 students.

Fraynework first worked with St Bede’s over a decade ago in the creation of their previous website. St Bede’s approached Fraynework for the redevelopment of the website with a challenge for us to design a digital presence that was markedly different from other school websites.

The innovative school tour animation, showcases every aspect of the College’s facilities and offerings and is a real show stopper.

The responsive design is dedicated to a mobile first methodology as a response to the community’s increased usage of mobile devices. However, the design is equally impactful on desktop views.