Preca Inspire

Project Details

Preca Community is a group for lay Catholic people and families, founded on the spirituality of St George Preca. Members commit to a lifelong education in their mission to entrust the continuation of faith into the next generation.

Preca community engaged Fraynework to assist them in the development of various digital resources to assist in sharing wisdom, inspiration and prayer. The Preca Inspire platform was the result and enables users to create and share reflections and prayers via video, audio, graphics and text.


This animation derives from the logo created for the Preca Inspire platform; an app to engage the Preca community in sharing prayers, music and inspirations. The short video conveys multiple messages by combining two parables. The seeds within the logo represent life, growth and prosperity and the animation depicts this through the germination of the fig seed as it grows into a full tree… giving life to the natural environment and its inhabitants. The animation was created in an organic style with depth and texture to refer to the earth and the natural origins of life.