Missionary Franciscan Sisters

Project Details

Fraynework designed and developed the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception Australia’s (MFSIC) website back in 2013 and with technology and design advancements since then, it was ready for a redevelopment.

While the new design references elements of the previous site to give visitors a sense of familiarity and consistency, the contemporary format encapsulates the heritage and history of MFSIC in a bright and engaging manner. The vibrant colour palette takes inspiration from the MFSIC logo, which invites the visitor to more fully explore the website and all it has to offer.

The site caters to a broad audience and enables them to keep up-to-date with news items and information regarding the work of MFSIC and those who are a part of their community. A bespoke ‘Members Area’ creates a further sense of community, especially during times of remote work and increased ‘virtual’ gatherings by enabling members to stay connected regardless of distance. The layout and design of the members area is consistent in style  with the public site’s interface, maintaining cohesion throughout the website as a whole.