Catholic Diocese of Ballarat

Project Details

The aim of the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat web redesign was to revitalise its online presence and to create a more modern and user-friendly experience. The Diocese is extensive and diverse, covering the western third of Victoria and home to forty-one parishes. For this reason, the website is an essential resource that caters to a large audience needing to be easily kept up-to-date and engaged with information, news and latest events within the Diocese.

The design references colours within the Diocesan logo in a vibrant and contemporary manner. By sign-posting key areas within the site such as the Diocesan Login area, the user is able to navigate throughout the website with ease. The wave or swish motif that frames the banner images also adds an element of sophistication and point of difference to each page.

The site also allows individual parish administrators to access the content management system in order to edit their own information and upload newsletters.